Meeting date:
Tuesday, 30 April 2013



Meeting time:





Votes and Proceedings




Presiding Officer Statement

The Presiding Officer announced that on the 29 April, Royal Assent was given to the Public Audit (Wales) Act 2013.



1.   Questions to the First Minister

The item started at 13.30

Questions 1 – 6 and 8 - 11 were asked.  Question 7 was withdrawn. The Presiding Officer invited party leaders to ask questions to the First Minister after Question 2.



Urgent Question

The item started at 14.16

Elin Jones (Ceredigion): What support can the Welsh Government offer to the National Library of Wales following the recent fire?



2.   Questions to the Minister for Culture and Sport

The item started at 14.26

The first 10 questions were asked. 



3.   Business Statement and Announcement

The item started at 15.12



4.   Statement by the First Minister: Commission on Public Service Governance and Delivery

The item started at 15.20



5.   Statement by the Minister for Education and Skills: Introduction of the Further and Higher Education (Governance and Information) (Wales) Bill

The item started at 15.55



6.   Statement by the Minister for Natural Resources and Food: Abolition of the Agricultural Wages Board Associated Statutory Bodies

The item started at 16.25



7.   Statement by the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport: Job Losses at Rowecord in Newport

The item started at 16.57



The meeting concluded at 17:20

The Assembly will sit again in Plenary at 13:30, Wednesday, 1 May 2013