Concise Minutes - Economy, Trade, and Rural Affairs Committee

Meeting Venue:

Hybrid – Committee room 3 - Senedd

and video Conference via Zoom

Meeting date: Wednesday, 14 December 2022

Meeting time: 09.30 - 10.15
This meeting can be viewed
on Senedd TV at:

Private, Hybrid





Members of the Senedd:

Paul Davies MS (Chair)

Hefin David MS

Luke Fletcher MS

Vikki Howells MS

Samuel Kurtz MS

Sarah Murphy MS


Committee Staff:

Llinos Madeley (Clerk)

Lara Date (Second Clerk)

Sarah Bartlett (Deputy Clerk)

Jennifer Cottle (Legal Adviser)

Aled Evans (Legal Adviser)

Katie Wyatt (Legal Adviser)

Masudah Ali (Legal Adviser)

Elfyn Henderson (Researcher)

Katy Orford (Researcher)

Gruffydd Owen (Legal Adviser)



1       Committee forward work programme - Legislative programme

1.1 The Committee considered the approach to the Food (Wales) Bill.

1.2 The Committee agreed the following:

- its approach to Stage 1 scrutiny and its draft terms of reference;

- subject to one addition, the list of stakeholders to consult for written evidence;

- the witnesses to invite for oral evidence; and

- a 6 week consultation period.



2       Legislative Consent: Shark Fins Bill

2.1 Members considered the Shark Fins Bill LCM and agreed that a draft report on the LCM would be circulated in correspondence for agreement by the 16 January reporting deadline.



3       Agriculture (Wales) Bill: Consider and agree draft report

3.1 The Committee agreed the report in principle, subject to some amendments to be agreed by Members in correspondence outside Committee. The final report would be laid by the reporting deadline of 27 January 20223.





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