Agenda - Equality and Social Justice Committee

Meeting Venue:

Video Conference via Zoom

Meeting date: 7 March 2022

Meeting time: 13.30
For further information contact:

Rhys Morgan

Committee Clerk

0300 200 6565



1       Introductions, apologies, substitutions and declarations of interest


The Chair welcomed Members to the meeting of the Equality and Social Justice Committee.


The Chair stated that if for any reason she dropped out of the meeting, the Committee agreed that Sarah Murphy MS would become Temporary Chair in accordance with Standing Order 17.22.


Apologies were received from Altaf Hussain. Tom Giffard was in attendance as a substitute.



2       Fuel poverty and the Warm Homes Programme: Evidence session 3


Members heard evidence from the following witnesses:


Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner

Dr Donal Brown, New Economics Foundation



3       Fuel poverty and the Warm Homes Programme: Evidence session 4

(14:45 -16:00)                                                                                                 

Members heard evidence from the following witnesses:


Ben Saltmarsh, National Energy Action

Jack Wilkinson-Dix, Energy Saving Trust



4       Papers to note


Members noted the correspondence.


In relation to Item 4.1, in private session, Members agreed that the Committee would write to Sparkle and accept their invitation to visit the centre.



4.1   Correspondence from Sparkle: Response to Committee report on childcare and parental employment




4.2   Correspondence with the Minister for Social Justice: The Children’s Commissioner for Wales’ 2022-23 Budget Estimate




4.3   Correspondence from the Minister for Social Justice and the Deputy Minister for Social Partnership: Draft Budget 2022-23




4.4   Correspondence from Jane Dodds: Equality and Social Justice Committee workplan - Community rights




4.5   Correspondence from the Chair of the Health and Social Care Committee: Role of health boards in safeguarding women and children who may be experiencing domestic abuse




4.6   Correspondence from the Minister for Social Justice: EU Settlement Scheme




4.7   Correspondence from Welsh Government: Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill




4.8   Correspondence from the Counsel General to the Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee: Draft budget 2022-23




4.9   Correspondence from the Economy, Trade and Rural Affairs Committee: Recruitment of HGV drivers




4.10Correspondence from Welsh Government: Response to the Committee's recommendations regarding the 2022-2023 Draft Budget




5       Motion under SO17.42 (iv) and (ix) to exclude the public from the remainder of today's meeting


The motion was agreed.



6       Fuel poverty and the Warm Homes Programme: consideration of evidence


Members considered the evidence received under items 2 and 3.

Members agreed to write to the Welsh Local Government Association, British Gas, and the Energy Saving Trust to seek further information in relation to the inquiry.



7       Forward work programme: consideration of scoping papers


Members considered the forward work programme and scoping papers.



8       UK Government consultation on reform of the Human Rights Act 1998: oral update


Members considered the update on the UK Government consultation on reform of the Human Rights Act 1998.





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