Senedd Commission                                    



Hybrid - Digital



Monday, 8 November 2021



12.30 - 14.10








Commission Members:


Elin Jones MS (Chair)

Rhun ap Iorwerth MS

Janet Finch-Saunders MS

Ken Skates MS

Joyce Watson MS






Officials present:


Manon Antoniazzi, Chief Executive and Clerk

Siwan Davies, Director of Senedd Business

Arwyn Jones, Director of Communications and Engagement

Dave Tosh, Director of Resources

Kevin Tumelty, Head of Security

Nia Morgan, Director of Finance

Lowri Williams, Head of Human Resources and Inclusion

Sulafa Thomas, Head of Commission and Member Support

Gwion Evans, Head of the Llywydd's Private Office







Others in attendance:







1      Introduction




1.a  Introduction and apologies


No apologies were received.




1.b  Declarations of interest


There were no declarations of interest.




1.c   Minutes of the previous meeting


The minutes of the Commission meeting on 27 September were agreed.




2      Security


Commissioners were informed about plans and guidance  relating to occurrences of protest on the estate.

They were also appraised of  additional security measures being implemented to advise on and improve personal security for Members and their staff, alongside the existing support available. Steps were also being taken to simplify the process for implementing for the necessary security changes. Commissioners agreed to highlight within their groups the importance of regular engagement by Members with the Commission security service.

The Commission had received a request to consider participation in the Safe Place community safety scheme. Having carefully considered the implications Commissioners felt that from a security risk perspective  the Commission should not join the scheme; however,  the efforts of the onsite security teams in offering informal support on numerous occasions were noted and welcomed.




3      Response to Finance Committee re Budget


Commissioners were updated on the progress of the 2021-22 Senedd Commission Budget through its scrutiny process.

Commissioners agreed their response to the recommendations raised in the Finance Committee Report and approved the Final Budget for 2022-23 to be laid on 10 November.




4      Commission Strategic Direction


Following consideration in July and September of lessons learned, key drivers for change and the agile approach to future service delivery, Commissioners agreed the Commission’s strategy which will provide high level direction to its work over the next five years.




5      Dignity and Respect policy - three year review


Commissioners were provided with information on work started to undertake the year three review of the Senedd Dignity and Respect Policy, in line with the commitment in the policy.

Commissioners agreed that a wider consultation exercise be undertaken early in 2022, seeking views on the current policy and process from Members, Support Staff and Commission Staff.

They also agreed to defer the annual Dignity and Respect survey by 12 months to May/June 2022 once a refreshed policy is agreed.




6      Safeguarding


Commissioners noted the recent request by a Member that the Commission put steps in place to introduce DBS checking for Members, and the restrictions which exist in this regard.

They noted the information and support that is available to Members to deliver their safeguarding responsibilities and Commissioners agreed to strongly encourage Members to put in place their own policies and procedures to set out clear expectations of behaviours expected as part of a commitment to safeguarding; and to prioritise accessing training provision which is available to them and their staff through the Member Learning Team.




7      White Ribbon and Accreditation approach


Commissioners considered the Commission’s current approach to seeking accreditation, and agreed that a Charities and Accreditation Framework should be developed. This would be to support Commissioners, or Commission Officials, to take future decisions on supporting particular charities and accreditation schemes.

Commissioners also agreed to consider a case for seeking accreditation with White Ribbon UK within that new framework.




8      Facilities Management contract extension


Commissioners noted information about an extension of the Facilities Management Contract by eleven months.




9      Papers to note:




9.a  Response to Finance Committee scrutiny session


Commissioners noted additional information provided to the Finance Committee following the scrutiny session in October.




9.b  Response to PAPAC scrutiny session


Commissioners noted additional information provided to the PAPA Committee following the scrutiny session in October.




9.c   Salary Sacrifice for Electric Vehicles


Commissioners noted information about plans to introduce a Salary Sacrifice Scheme for electric vehicles, and that the Remuneration Board would be informed of the availability of the scheme in order that they may consider any issues that would relate to Members’ pay and allowances.




9.d  Notes from Senedd Party Contact Group


Commissioners received the notes of the first meeting of the party contact group for information.




9.e  Executive Board update (RAD decisions)


Commissioners noted the routine summary of recruitment decisions provided to each Commission meeting.




10  Any other business


·         Covid update – attendance on the estate

Commissioners were provided with information about the measures being taken to ensure events could be conducted as safely as possible, with levels of in-person attendance proportionate to the current levels of risk.

They were informed about:

-       Discussing delaying some events

-       encouraging hybrid events to minimise the number of face-to-face attendees

-       reducing the number of attendees to our in-person events programme (details below).

-       increasing the physical space being used

-       reminding organisers of the requirement for face coverings

-       continuing to recommend to organisers that attendees should take LFTs

-       rigorous risk assessment processes.



·         Independent Advisers

Commissioners were updated about progress in relation to arrangements for the Commission’s independent advisers, who had been appointed for a three year period. Work on an effectiveness evaluation and a desire to move towards a more phased cycle of appointments were highlighted. Accordingly, Commissioners would receive further information following the meeting, and they were invited to share any pertinent feedback.


·         Festival UK

Commissioners considered the interest from the organisers of the festival in using the Senedd as a venue during the summer recess 2022.

They deliberated the risks associated with the limitations that would be required on other activities as a result of participating in the festival. Commissioners concluded that these risks seemed likely to be disproportionate and so did not feel the opportunity should be pursued.