Agenda - Equality and Social Justice Committee

Meeting Venue:

Video Conference via Zoom

Meeting date: 1 November 2021

Meeting time: 13.15
For further information contact:

Rhys Morgan

Committee Clerk

0300 200 6565



Private pre-meeting





1       Introductions, apologies, substitutions and declarations of interest




2       Strengthening and advancing equality and human rights in Wales

(13.30-15.00)                                                                             (Pages 1 - 13)

Professor Simon Hoffman – Swansea University

Dr Sarah Nason – Bangor University



3       Papers to note




3.1   Correspondence from the Chair of the Legislation and Justice Committee to the Chair regarding international agreements

                                                                                                 (Pages 14 - 16)



3.2   Correspondence from the Chair (Wales) of Consumer Council for Water to the Chair regarding the impact of the pandemic on levels of indebtedness

                                                                                                 (Pages 17 - 19)



3.3   Debt and the pandemic: written evidence from Community Housing Cymru

                                                                                                 (Pages 20 - 24)



4       Motion under SO17.42(ix) to exclude the public from the remainder of the meeting




5       Strengthening and advancing equality and human rights in Wales - consideration of evidence










6       Debt and the pandemic - consideration of draft report

(15.40-16.25)                                                                           (Pages 25 - 45)



7       Legislative Consent Memorandum for the Public Service Pensions and Judicial Offices Bill - consideration of draft report

(16.25-16.40)                                                                           (Pages 46 - 60)



8       Forward work programme




8.1   Forward work programme and strategic planning next steps

                                                                                                 (Pages 61 - 68)

In order to inform the forward work programme discussion, Members may wish to re-familiarise themselves with the following correspondence from stakeholders and partner organisations:

·         Correspondence from Gwenith Price, Deputy Welsh Language Commissioner to the Chair regarding considering the Welsh language in the Committee’s work - 19 July 2021

·         Correspondence from Director of RNIB Cymru to Committee Members regarding RNIB’s latest research into the voting experiences of blind and partially sighted people - 23 July 2021

·         Correspondence from Victoria Winkler, Director, Bevan Foundation to the Chair regarding child poverty and protecting migrants' rights - 23 July 2021

·         Correspondence from Pippa Cotterill, Head of Wales Office, Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists Wales to the Chair regarding speech, language and communication needs of young people in the youth justice estate - 1 September 2021

·         Correspondence from the Gender Network regarding gender equality - 15 September 2021

·         Correspondence from the Future Generations Commissioner regarding equality and social justice findings - 5 October 2021



8.2   Delivering for Future Generations: the story so far - consideration of responses

(16.40-17.00)                                                                           (Pages 69 - 95)





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