Minutes - Business Committee

Meeting Venue:


Meeting date: 2 November 2021

Meeting time: 09.01 - 09.31







Committee Members:

Elin Jones MS, Llywydd (Chair)

Lesley Griffiths MS

Darren Millar MS

Siân Gwenllian MS

Committee Staff:

Graeme Francis (Clerk)

Others in attendance

Jane Dodds MS

David Rees MS, Deputy Presiding Officer

Manon Antoniazzi, Chief Executive and Clerk

Siwan Davies, Director of Senedd Business

Siân Wilkins, Head of Chamber and Committee Service

Julian Luke, Head of Policy and Legislation Committee Service, Head of Policy and Legislation Committee Service

Helen Carey, Welsh Government



1       Introductions, apologies and substitutions

The Llywydd welcomed the members to the meeting.



2       Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed for publication.



3       Organisation of Business



3.1   This week's business






The Trefnydd drew Business Managers’ attention to the reordering of the statement by the Minister for Economy: A greener economy and the statement by the Minister for Education and Welsh Language: Implementation of net zero carbon and the 21st century schools and colleges programme.


The Trefnydd also drew Business Managers’ attention to the following additions to Tuesday’s agenda:


Tuesday 2 November 2021

·         Motion to suspend Standing Orders (5 mins)

·         Supplementary Legislative Consent Motion on the Environment Bill (15 mins)

·         Voting Time (15 mins)


The Llywydd noted that a government statement on the Tertiary Education and Research (Wales) Bill has been scheduled on Wednesday. The Trefnydd explained that this was due to the length of Tuesday’s agenda, and that the government would continue to avoid scheduling items on a Wednesday unless absolutely necessary.



3.2   Three week timetable of Government Business

The Trefnydd drew Business Managers’ attention to the following changes:


Tuesday 9 November 2021 -


·         Statement by the Minister for Social Justice: Wales and Africa (45 mins)

·         The Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (No. 5) (Wales) (Amendment) (No. 19) Regulations 2021 (20 mins)

·         The Representation of the People (Amendment) (Wales) (Coronavirus) (No. 2) Regulations 2021 (15 mins)


Tuesday 16 November 2021 -


·         Statement by the Minister for Education and Welsh Language: Children’s Oracy and Reading The International Learning Exchange Programme (45 mins)




3.3   Three week timetable of Senedd Business

Business Committee agreed to schedule the following items of business:


Wednesday 24 November 2021 –




4       Legislation



4.1   Legislative Consent Memorandums on the Skills and Post-16 Education Bill; the Environment Bill and update on current Legislative Consent Memorandums

Business Committee agreed to:



4.2   Letter from the Chair of the Children, Young People and Education Committee on the Legislative Consent Memorandum on the Skills and Post-16 Education Bill

Business Committee noted the letter and the decision taken on the reporting deadline as part of the previous item.



4.3   Letter from the Chair of the Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee on Legislative Consent Memoranda

Business Committee noted the wider issues raised in relation to Legislative Consent Memoranda and to consider these further following the conclusion of discussions taking place between Senedd and government officials.


Business Committee also agreed in principle that the reporting deadlines for the following LCMs be extended pending further advice from Senedd and Welsh Government officials:


New reporting deadlines for each LCM will be proposed for agreement outside of committee, following discussion with the Welsh Government.



5       European Engagement



5.1   Nominations for the Council of Europe Congress of Local and Regional Authorities and the Committee of the Regions-UK Contact Group

Business Committee discussed the nominations and agreed to return to the matter at the next meeting.



6       Senedd Business



6.1   Letter from the First Minister

Business Committee considered the letter and noted that action is being taken by the Senedd Commission to limit the number of staff working on the Senedd estate in response to the current high numbers of Covid-19 cases across Wales. Business Managers agreed to discuss taking similar action with their groups and to encourage Members who are not attending Plenary in person to join the meeting off-site. The Llywydd also asked Business Managers to encourage Members to consider greater use of face-coverings in the Chamber when not making a contribution.



7       Any Other Business



Darren Millar raised concerns about the political balance of the delegation attending the COP-26 conference from the Senedd. A note on this will be circulated to Business Managers.





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