Minutes - Business Committee

Meeting Venue:

Video conference via Zoom

Meeting date: 23 February 2021

Meeting time: 09.02 - 09.13







Committee Members:

Elin Jones MS, Llywydd (Chair)

Rebecca Evans MS

Mark Isherwood MS

Siân Gwenllian MS

Caroline Jones MS

Committee Staff:

Aled Elwyn Jones (Clerk)

Others in attendance

Ann Jones MS, Deputy Presiding Officer

Manon Antoniazzi, Chief Executive & Clerk of the Senedd

Siwan Davies, Director of Senedd Business

Siân Wilkins, Head of Chamber and Committee Service

Julian Luke, Head of Policy and Legislation Committee Service

Gwion Evans, Head of the Llywydd's Private Office

Helen Carey, Welsh Government

Bethan Garwood, Deputy Clerk



1       Introductions, apologies and substitutions



2       Minutes of the previous meeting



3       Organisation of Business



3.1   This Week's Business

Business Committee noted the arrangements for the joint item with the Welsh Youth Parliament, including that WYP Members would be present in the Zoom meeting before the start of Plenary and until the conclusion of the item.




·         Voting Time will take place after the last item of business.  

·         Plenary is unlikely to run past 6.36pm




·         Plenary will start at 12.45.

·         Voting Time will take place before the Short Debates

·         Plenary is unlikely to run past 6.15pm. 



3.2   Three Week Timetable of Government Business

The Trefnydd drew Business Managers’ attention to the following changes:


Tuesday 2 March 2021




3.3   Three Week Timetable of Senedd Business

Business Committee agreed to schedule the following items of business:


Wednesday 17 March 2021 –




3.4   Letter from the Chair of the Petitions Committee

Business Committee agreed to schedule a debate on two Velindre Cancer Centre petitions on 3 March, and a debate on ‘P-05-1056 Give Local Authorities powers to control the housing market in rural and tourist areas of Wales’ on 17 March.



4       Legislation



4.1   Update on current Legislative Consent Memorandums

Business Committee noted the latest position on LCMs and agreed to:




4.2   The Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (No.5) (Wales) (Amendment) (No.3) Regulations 2021

The Business Committee agreed to set a reporting deadline of Monday1 March for the Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee to report on the regulations. 





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