Agenda - Petitions Committee

Meeting Venue:

Video Conference - Via Zoom

Meeting date: 9 February 2021

Meeting time: 09.00
For further information contact:

Graeme Francis - Committee Clerk

Kayleigh Imperato – Deputy Clerk

0300 200 6373



In accordance with Standing Order 34.19, the Chair has determined that the public are excluded from the Committee's meeting in order to protect public health. This meeting will be broadcast live on




1       Introduction, apologies, substitutions and declarations of interest

                                                                                                   (Pages 1 - 48)



2       New Covid-19 petitions




2.1     P-05-1092 Do not delay the May 2021 elections

                                                                                                 (Pages 49 - 52)



2.2     P-05-1108 Issue guidance and voucher scheme to save baby & toddler activity sector in Wales

                                                                                                 (Pages 53 - 55)



2.3     P-05-1114 Allow traditional acupuncturists in Wales to practice during lockdowns

                                                                                                 (Pages 56 - 71)



2.4     P-05-1116 Prioritise people with a learning disability to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in Wales

                                                                                                 (Pages 72 - 77)



2.5     P-05-1121 Only open schools for children of key workers over the January 2021 lockdown

                                                                                                 (Pages 78 - 80)



Other new petitions




2.6     P-05-1085 Make anti racism training compulsory for all elected Councillors and Members of the Senedd in Wales

                                                                                                 (Pages 81 - 82)



2.7     P-05-1090 Road Safety: Reduce the speed on the A487 trunk road to 20mph through Penparcau, Aberystwyth

                                                                                                 (Pages 83 - 87)



2.8     P-05-1094 Stop the erosion of Pontypridd’s heritage - save the White Bridge

                                                                                                 (Pages 88 - 93)



2.9     P-05-1105 Make Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Compulsory in Schools

                                                                                               (Pages 94 - 103)



2.10P-05-1109 Supply dedicated and free onsite parking to all hospital staff in Wales during their shift

                                                                                             (Pages 104 - 110)



2.11P-05-1112 Help Welsh Communities Buy Community Assets: Implement Part 5 Chapter 3 of the Localism Act 2011

                                                                                             (Pages 111 - 121)



2.12P-05-1113 Introduce road safety measures on the A44 in Llanbadarn Fawr, Ceredigion

                                                                                             (Pages 122 - 125)



2.13P-05-1137 Call for fair funding for the National Library of Wales by the Welsh Government

                                                                                             (Pages 126 - 137)



3       Updates to previous petitions




Health and Social Services




3.1     P-05-795 Causing Nuisance or Disturbance on NHS Premises

                                                                                             (Pages 138 - 139)



The following two items are grouped together for consideration




3.2     P-05-1001 Hold an independent inquiry into the choice of site for the proposed new Velindre Cancer Centre

                                                                                             (Pages 140 - 161)



3.3     P-05-1018 Support for the current proposed plans to build a new Velindre Cancer Centre, Cardiff, in any future inquiry

                                                                                             (Pages 162 - 164)



3.4     P-05-1045 To make shared-decision making and monthly mental health care-plan reviews a legal requirement

                                                                                             (Pages 165 - 172)



3.5     P-05-1068 Allow socially distanced meets in private gardens to follow science and avoid isolation

                                                                                             (Pages 173 - 179)



3.6     P-05-1070 Advise all people who are extremely vulnerable or previously shielding in Wales to stay home, not work, during periods of high covid 19 community infection

                                                                                             (Pages 180 - 182)



Housing and Local Government




3.7     P-05-1056 Give Local Authorities powers to control the housing market in rural and tourist areas of Wales

                                                                                             (Pages 183 - 193)



3.8     P-05-903 Filming and Recording of Council Meetings

                                                                                                         (Page 194)







3.9     P-05-1025 Ensure fairness for students taking exams in 2021

                                                                                             (Pages 195 - 200)



Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs




3.10P-05-1026 Petition to ban the snaring of wildlife for use in the fur trade

                                                                                             (Pages 201 - 203)



3.11P-05-1040 Introduce a moratorium on the approval any new large scale waste incinerators in Wales

                                                                                             (Pages 204 - 208)



Culture, Sport and Tourism




3.12P-05-1051 Allow Welsh junior athletes to train with the same covid regulations as equivalent English juniors

                                                                                             (Pages 209 - 211)



Economy, Transport and North Wales




3.13P-05-1061 Give financial support to Pet Boarding businesses

                                                                                             (Pages 212 - 217)







3.14P-05-1069 Save the farmland and green fields at Cosmeston

                                                                                             (Pages 218 - 230)







3.15P-05-1072 Investigate what powers the Welsh Parliament has in relation to banning conversion therapy

                                                                                             (Pages 231 - 233)



4       Motion under Standing Order 17.42 to resolve to exclude the public from the meeting for the following business:


Item 5.




5       Consideration of draft report - P-05-886 Stop the Red Route (A55/A494 corridor)

                                                                                             (Pages 234 - 250)





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